Funding Request

Funding Request Preparation

Before you can submit a project funding request for consideration you must have read the document entitled Funding Request Guidelines and Evaluation Process available under the main menu tab Request Funding and the sub tab Funding Guidelines & Evaluation.

If you have not done that yet, please close this window and do so.

Addtionally, in order to be able to submit a funding request you will be required to upload a file in a .jpg, .pdf or .doc format that shows all the items that are required to be purchased, the vendor(s) they must be purchased from, their corresponding item / part number, quantity, and price per unit along with all order-based charges such as shipping and handling, etc and the total cost for the vendor(s) indicated.

If your funding requestl has also been submitted to Donors Choose you will also need the URL for the request on the Donors Choose website.

Funding requests received after Dec 4, 2016 will only be considered for funding after all requests submitted prior to that date are processed.

If you do not have everything you need you will not be able to submit your request

Once you begin the submission process you cannot save your information.

If you are ready to proceed please click on the link below.

I am ready to submit my request

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