Ms. Landolfi – Bradley School, Grade 4, Science

Tracy Landolfi – Grade 4
Bradley School
Legos Simple Machines Classroom Pack
Ms. Landolfi’s project will be used to teach the students about simple machines.

The Legos Educational Simple Machines Classroom Packs include everything you need to inspire and empower elementary students to discover how the world works using simple machines. The students learn about science and engineering concepts with a wide selection of engaging activities, including: Observing and investigating simple machines, following a design brief, and working with observing, reasoning, predicting, reflecting and critical thinking.

Legos Simple Build To Express Core SetThe Legos Build to Express Core Set is designed to be used to create a collection of building elements that enable students of varying age groups to express themselves about a wide range of topics. The specific assortment of elements, colors, and figures included in the set inspire learners, stimulate their creative-thinking skills and imaginations, as well as provide the students with a broad spectrum of “ready-made metaphors.”

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