Ms. Van Wyck – Bradley School, Grade 2

Anna Van Wyck – Grade 2, Reading
Bradley School

This project focuses on phonic sounds and helping the students to read. It provides hands-on practice they need to really master phonics sounds! Skill-building stamps each feature a picture and a corresponding word with the beginning, middle or ending sound missing. Kids stamp out each image…then fill in the missing letter to complete the word! Over 70 foam stamps, each with a picture on the handle for easy identification. Stamps are 1 1/4″ x 1 3/4″. 

Large stamp pads

Giant-sized ink pads allow for multiple students use at the same time. They are big enough for large stampers, leaves, apples, even kid-sized hand prints!

Approximately $90 was used from the 2015 Derby’s B.E.S.T. proceeds to bring this project into reality.

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