Mr. O’Meara – D.M.S.

Sean O’Meara – P.B.I.S.
Derby Middle School

school store

This project provides funds to restock the School Store which is a  cornerstone of the Derby Middle School’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Support program. 

Each day staff at D.M.S. is equipped with Derby Dollars which are tokens for teachers and staff to utilize in recognizing students for behavior in accord with our CPRR’S (Citizenship, Pride, Respect, Responsibility, = Success). When a student is praised the teacher is able to hand them a token which they can then spend at the school store every other month.

Students are able to use the store to purchase school supplies such as pens or pencils as well as notebooks. There are also various items that are to promote happiness and fun when purchased such as basketballs, jump ropes, small toys, among other goods.

This project was made possible by using approximately $600 of the net proceeds from the 2015 Derby’s BEST 5k Run / Mile Walk.


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